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Everyone has a different definition of retirement and trying to picture yourself after your working career may be difficult, especially on those tough days where departure from your 9-5 job seems so far away and nearly impossible. Do you want to travel? Learn a new hobby? Spend time with your grandchildren? Maybe you have zero desire ever to stop working. The point is, there is no one correct path. It’s your life and your retirement.

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Where do you want to go out to eat? What movie should we watch on tv? Where should we go for vacation? Most of the time, those types of questions are pretty easy to answer. However, answering if you’re on track for retirement may be a bit difficult. Talk to a financial planning professional and see where you’re at on your journey to retirement.


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Retirement means different things to different people.

Barber Financial Group customizes your personal plan based on your needs, goals, and the retirement lifestyle you worked hard to achieve.



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Money is not the most important thing in the world, but what money can do for you what matters. Find out if you’re on the right track with our interactive quiz.


Are you on track?

Are you on track?

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