70 Things You Should Expect from Your Advisor

By Barber Financial Group

December 11, 2018

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Choosing a financial advisor could be one of the most important decisions of your retirement life. With so many wealth managers to choose from, it’s crucial that you understand your options and define your needs. Much like you would with your family doctor, lawyer as well as other professional services. Likewise, your financial situation, retirement income needs, estate planning goals, and your expectations of your retirement portfolio. As this partnership develops, you should expect a high level of client service. This helps ensure your goals are being met.

What a Professional Financial Advisor Does…

Financial Planning

  1. Asks questions in order to understand your needs and objectives.
  2. Helps you determine where you are currently.
  3. Guides you to think about all areas of your financial portfolio, even the ones you may not have considered.
  4. Helps organize your financial situation.
  5. Formalizes your goals and puts them in writing for you.
  6. Helps you prioritize your financial opportunities.
  7. Helps you determine realistic goals.
  8. Prepares a financial plan as well as an investment policy statement for you.
  9. Helps implement those recommendations.
  10. Suggests suitable alternatives that you may not have considered.
  11. Reviews and recommends life insurance policies to protect your family.
  12. Assists you in setting up a company retirement plan.
  13. Prepares a financial plan for you.
  14. Assists in preparing an estate plan for you.
  15. Reviews your children’s custodial accounts, including 529 plans.

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