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When it comes to retirement, the question that normally comes to mind is “Will I have enough money?” While this is obviously an important issue to consider, finances are not the only thing that can make or break an enjoyable retirement. After spending a majority of your life working, new retirees may find themselves struggling with their newfound independence away from their careers. While some find the transition an easy one, others may develop a sense of loss of their identity, work friendships and finding themselves with a lot of free time to fill, and the Barber Financial Group Travel and Fine Arts Clubs can help!



Did you spend your working career fantasizing about traveling the world after retirement? If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. However, having the desire to travel and knowing the ins and outs on where to go, how to book the excursion and what you legally need to do beforehand (immunizations, passports, etc.) can be confusing.

Regardless if you are already an avid traveler or new to the experience, married or single, the Barber Financial Group Travel Club offers you, your family, and friends the opportunity to vacation with a like-minded group of baby boomers who share your passion of exploring the world! Past destinations include Ireland, New York, New Zealand, and Austria. Next up on their itinerary, the BFG Travel Club will be spending 10 days in the Canadian Rockies. If this group sounds like something you would enjoy and would like more information on upcoming trips, call or email Juls Cook Tramposh at 913-393-1000 or


2018 Travel Brochures:

Melodies of the Dunube

Travel dates: June 1 – 8, 2018
Optional pre night in Budapest – Optional 3 nights post in Prague

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The Northern Isles: Scotland, Iceland, & Norway

Travel dates: Aug. 3 – 19, 2018
This once a year itinerary allows you to experience Scotland’s Military Tattoo,The Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights of Iceland & the Fjords of Norway on board Holland America’s New Ship “The Koningsdam.”

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As many retirees discover, leaving one life (career) for another (retirement) can be difficult. Many of our clients find themselves asking “What am I going to do today?” Let Barber Financial Group’s Art Tasting Club help you find your next passion! From wine tasting events, movies, to fine dining, our club visits a wide variety of local destinations to help retirees reinvent themselves while making new friends! For more information, call or email Juls Cook Tramposh at 913-393-1000 or


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