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Estate Planning Checklist

While it may be unpleasant to think about, the time you spend preparing your estate now will help your loved ones to cope later, and will also ensure your wishes will be carried out.


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National Estate Planning Awareness Week

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is upon us, going from October 21st to the 27th this year. So, what is National Estate Planning Awareness Week? Also, why do we need a national awareness week for estate planning? Let’s dig in and find out.

Estate Planning Article

Living Trust – Do I Need One?

Many use a living trust in their estate planning strategy. However, whether it’s right for you depends on your personal necessities, goals, and situation.

Estate Planning Article

Cover Your Assets with an Estate Plan

We work hard to protect our wealth from many things while we’re alive. We try to avoid taking on too much investment risk. We try to avoid losing purchasing power to inflation over time. We have insurance policies in place to recover things we lose or to provide us...

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Your Realistic Retirement Plan with Brie Williams

Episode 4 - Brie Williams | VP State Street Global Advisors
When many people build their financial plans, they only envision an ideal retirement where nothing goes wrong. They assume they’re going to live long, happy, healthy lives, that nothing’s ever going to get in their way, and that the future is going to go exactly to plan.

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Estate Planning Wills and Probate

Episode 8 - Jason Salinardi | Attorney, J.D., LL.M Taxation & Garrett Griffin | Attorney, J.D., LL.M Taxation
One thing is certain: at some point in time, all of us won't be alive on this Earth. This means that we all need proper estate plans. Many people, however, fail to set their estate plans up correctly...




Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an integral part of your overall retirement plan. Watch as Dean Barber discusses the importance of Estate Planning.