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Life Insurance vs. Roth IRAs

Life insurance and Roth IRAs, despite their many similarities, Roth IRAs and life insurance are very different, and the rules that apply to one doesn’t always apply to the other.


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4 Questions to Ask About Long-Term Care

As you age, calculating the chances that you’ll need long-term care—and the associated costs—is incredibly important.

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Navigating Toward Your Financial Independence Day

In July 1776 our founding fathers declared independence from the British Empire, and earlier this week we celebrated that great feat with our family and friends over backyard barbecue and colorful explosions in the sky.

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Unexpectedly Alone

When someone loses their spouse and finds themselves unexpectedly alone, not only is it heartbreaking, it can be financially devastating.



Long-Term Care vs. Life Insurance

Dean Barber breaks down the important differences in Long-Term Care and Life Insurance.