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Life Insurance vs. Roth IRAs

Life insurance and Roth IRAs, despite their many similarities, Roth IRAs and life insurance are very different, and the rules that apply to one doesn’t always apply to the other.


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5 Types of Financial Plans

Going to the doctor for a checkup usually isn’t the most fun thing to do, but it’s necessary so that you’re up-to-date on your health situation. The same can be said about meeting with a financial planner to find out where you’re at with planning for retirement. Bud Kasper and Logan DeGraeve discuss the five types of financial plans and how a comprehensive approach to financial planning is critical to getting to and through retirement.

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How to Mitigate Inflation on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs and inflation are uncomfortable to talk about, yet they are important and oftentimes related subjects. Here are a few solutions of how to mitigate inflation on healthcare costs.

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Health Insurance Options for Retirees Under 65

When people younger than 65 are pondering if they have the means to retire early, there's usually one obstacle that's bigger than the rest. That's health insurance coverage. It's no doubt a valid concern. So, we want to review some health insurance options for retirees under 65 to help give you some clarity with your chances of retiring early.

The Guided Retirement Show

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Navigating Health Care Costs in Retirement with Taylor Garner

Episode 62 | Taylor Garner - Agency Manager & Insurance Consultant - American Republic Insurance Services®

In today’s episode, Taylor and I talk about the traps and challenges of the healthcare industry that affect countless retirees, why the right plan can bring down your healthcare costs substantially, and how to put the many different forms of supplemental coverage to work for you.

Insurance Podcast

The Ins & Outs of Property & Casualty Insurance with Sarah Askren

Episode 60 - Sarah Askren | PRM Business Development Manager at The Miller Group

Joining me to talk about this is Sarah Askren. Sarah is a property and casualty insurance expert at The Miller Group. With over 20 years experience in the field, she’s passionate about making sure that her clients protect their loved ones and have access to the resources they need.



ABCs of Medicare

Tom Allen, Insurance Consultant & Medicare Expert, breaks down the many letters of Medicare in this webinar. The intention of the ABCs of Medicare is to help people understand what Medicare Parts A & B cover, and more importantly, what they don't cover and what you need to do about it. You'll learn how the Medicare Open Enrollment Period actually works, how to find out what prescription drugs are covered under certain plans, what Parts C & D cover, and more.


Are You Fully Covered?

In this webinar, Darren Newell, Insurance Advisor, breaks down the intricacies of property and casualty insurance to address the question, "Are you fully covered?" The intention of the Are You Fully Covered? is to help people understand property and casualty insurance. What you need, and, just as important, what you don't need in coverage.


The SECURE Act & Your Retirement: An Expert Roundtable

Here's the truth: The SECURE Act has changed everything. You basically have three choices on where you can send your money when you pass on. It can be to a charity, the ones you love, or to the government. And the SECURE Act has basically ensured that if you do nothing, the third option will be your choice.