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Negative Interest Rates in the United States

Welcome to the Monthly Economic Update, today we're going to discuss negative interest rates in the united states, economic stimulus, and more. It's a doozy—lots of records broken, and things that we've never seen before. Bud Kasper is going to join me today. And while we're doing our social distancing, give you as much information as we can about what we're seeing what we're doing, what we're hearing, and what we think is ahead, enjoy.

Investments Article

Bond Market Rally: Low Treasury Yields & Oil Prices

On March 9, 2020, 11 years to the day from the bottom of the Financial Crisis in 2009, yields on treasury bonds went lower than they’ve ever gone in our nation’s history. By the close of business on the 9th, 10-Year treasuries were yielding 0.56%, and 30-Year treasuries were yielding 0.99%. These are unheard-of levels.

Investments Article

US Household Debt at Record Levels

US Household Debt last peaked in 2008 at $12.68 trillion. This came with housing debt peaking in the 3rd quarter and non-housing debt peaking in the 4th quarter. The US consumer then began a slow deleveraging process that lasted for nearly five years. Total US household debt bottomed out in the 2nd quarter of 2013 at $11.15 trillion. During that time, I and countless others wrote that the deleveraging would eventually help the consumer to rebound...

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Managing Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

Episode 24 - Bud Kasper, CFP®, AIF® | President Barber Financial Group Lee's Summit

Returning to the podcast today for this special episode is Bud Kasper, President of Barber Financial Group Lee’s Summit office. Bud has over 37 years in this industry, has seen all kinds of bear markets, and all kinds of recessions. He has helped countless clients make the most of what can be a painful, difficult time.

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How to Invest in Real Estate for Retirement

Episode 23 - Dr. Randy Anderson | President Griffin Capital Asset Management Company, LLC

Joining me today is Dr. Randy Anderson. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and has focused his career on real estate investing. Together, we discuss the nuances and challenges of the real estate industry, the opportunities investors have to purchase high-quality real estate right now, and how to avoid complicating your taxes as you do it.




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