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Should I Buy Gold?

"Should I buy gold?" I hear this question daily, multiple times, and it's not surprising. You can't turn on your radio, television, or open your email or social media accounts without being bombarded by gold commercials. They're everywhere.

Investments Article

401(k) Factors to Consider

You're 401(k), if you're like anyone else, is likely your largest asset. If it's not now, it probably will be in the future. What happens to that 401(k) when you change jobs? Should you do Roth or traditional contributions? Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper as they discuss your 401(k), your largest asset.

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What to Do with a 401(k) After Leaving a Job

Have you ever left a job where you were actively saving in a 401(k) account? You may be wondering what your options are for that 401(k).

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Understanding Supercycles and Overvalued Markets

Episode 43 - David Mitchell | AllianceBernstein

Today, David returns to the podcast to talk about where we are right now, why the markets are doing what they’re doing, and the parabolic move in the price-to-earnings ratios of the stock market.

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The Advantages of Planning for Retirement at an Early Age

Episode 42 | Jason Newcomer - CFP®, AIF®, EA | Financial Planner at Barber Financial Group
Joining me today is Jason Newcomer, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and advisor here at Barber Financial Group. In this episode, we’ll share a list of great books geared towards young adults to learn more about the importance of retirement planning early on, we outline the fundamentals that they should be thinking about now, and we’ll share valuable information about the platform we’ve built at Barber Financial to help them get a head start on their retirement planning.




The SECURE Act & Your Retirement: An Expert Roundtable

Here's the truth: The SECURE Act has changed everything. You basically have three choices on where you can send your money when you pass on. It can be to a charity, the ones you love, or to the government. And the SECURE Act has basically ensured that if you do nothing, the third option will be your choice.


Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers

Financial Advisor Drew Jones presents an updated version of our Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers webinar. IRA Planning is a complex process. Factor in recent changes from the SECURE Act, and it gets even further complicated. We're here to clear up the noise as Drew presents Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers.