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Market Volatility Adds to Spookiness of October

After the market experienced a negative month in September for the first time since January, Dean Barber and Bud Kasper suggest that the spookiness of October includes a lot of market volatility.

Investments Article

Predicting the Future of Your Retirement

There is contrast between the uncertainties in retirement and your career. Learn more about how you can predict the future of your retirement.

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Owning Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

One of the more common questions clients have asked me over the past few years is, "Why would I want to own bonds right now, when they are barely paying any interest, and interest rates are going to be going up soon?"

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Identifying Real Estate Opportunities with Don Wenner

Episode 46 - Don Wenner | Founder & CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital
In this conversation, Don and I talk about the pivotal moments that made him into the businessman he is today, the powerful tools he’s created to make expansion consistent and reliable for over a decade, and how to use them to scale any great business smartly and sustainably for years to come.

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Understanding Supercycles and Overvalued Markets

Episode 43 - David Mitchell | AllianceBernstein

Today, David returns to the podcast to talk about where we are right now, why the markets are doing what they’re doing, and the parabolic move in the price-to-earnings ratios of the stock market.




The SECURE Act & Your Retirement: An Expert Roundtable

Here's the truth: The SECURE Act has changed everything. You basically have three choices on where you can send your money when you pass on. It can be to a charity, the ones you love, or to the government. And the SECURE Act has basically ensured that if you do nothing, the third option will be your choice.


Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers

Financial Advisor Drew Jones presents an updated version of our Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers webinar. IRA Planning is a complex process. Factor in recent changes from the SECURE Act, and it gets even further complicated. We're here to clear up the noise as Drew presents Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers.