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Interest Rate Increases Continue in 2023

While all major indices were up in January, the U.S. treasuries yield curve is inverted more than it was at any point of 2022 and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is continuing interest rate increases in 2023. We'll cover all that and more in our January Monthly Economic Update.

Investments Article

Retirement Income During a Recession

Recession signals remain strong as we begin 2023. We discuss how to go about saving and protecting your retirement income during a recession.

Investments Article

What Is Yield Curve Inversion?

What is yield curve inversion? And why does it precede recessions? Shane Barber answers those questions in his latest article.

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The Fed and the Markets Face Multiple Headwinds with Brad Kasper

Episode 69 | Brad Kasper | President & CFO at LSA Portfolio Analytics
In today's episode, Brad and I will go in depth on these headwinds that the Fed and markets are facing and how it impacts you. The bottom line is that having a financial plan is crucial right now. 

Investments Podcast

Alternatives to Stocks and Bonds with John Hampton

Episode 66 | John Hampton | Executive Director
In this conversation, Dean and John discuss why stocks and bonds get so much of the attention in the mainstream media and what alternatives are available to investors.




Inflation Expectations for 2023

What is going on with the economy? From inflation expectations for 2023, how high interest rates could go, and the uncertainty within the stock and bond markets, there are so many pertinent questions right now and not many clear answers. David Mitchell of AllianceBernstein joins Dean Barber on the Barber Financial Group Educational Series to review some of those questions and what they could mean for you.


Retiring During a Recession

Uncertainty has been the theme of 2022. We’ve experienced some jaw-dropping market volatility and inflation, and after back-to-back quarters of negative GDP growth, we’re technically in a recession. All this uncertainty has only enhanced our firm’s commitment to help people continuing living their one best financial life. In this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event, Drew Jones joins Dean Barber to discuss what it’s like to retire during a recession.


How Bonds Fit into a Financial Plan

One of the most common questions that our advisors here from clients and prospective clients is, “Why should I own bonds?” Considering how rising interest rates and inflation have been wreaking havoc on bonds, it’s a fair question to ask. Still, no matter the economic condition or how interest rates are doing, bonds can still make sense in your portfolio. Dean Barber and Chris Rett explain why in this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event.