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2019 Contribution Limits for Retirement Plans

We’re halfway through the year. Are you on track to maximize your retirement savings? Here are the 2019 contribution limits for retirement plans. Last year, the IRS increased the 2019 contribution limits for retirement accounts. For employees participating in 401(k) plans, the IRS will allow contributions of $19,000, a $500 increase from last year. The increase also applies to most other retirement plans, such as 403(b), 457, and Thrift Savings Plan participants. In addition, if you are over the age of 50, you may contribute a catch-up contribution on top of that amount of $6,000.

Investments Article

Economic Indicators and the Market

This month I'm going to bring you up to date for the quarter. I'll discuss economic indicators like interest rates so far this quarter, year-to-date, and over the last 12 months. We'll also take a look at the markets over the second quarter and cover a little about precious metals, consumer confidence, and the PMI. There is a lot of data we're going to cover today. I'm going to try to do it in a short period of time and keep it as high level as possible so you can understand what I'm talking about. I'm writing this on July 9, 2019, so the data will be through then.

Investments Article

How Likely is the Fed to Cut Interest Rates?

The question of the day is, how likely is the Fed to cut interest rates in the near term? Their rhetoric has certainly picked up. Last year’s rate hike in December—seen by many as a “mistake” was a continuation of the normalization of monetary policy that began in 2016. This is in contrast to the Fed’s sharp about-face not two months later, where rate hikes were effectively put on pause.




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