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Sprint T-Mobile Merger: What it Means for Kansas City

The FCC approved the Sprint T-Mobile merger in a 3-2 vote on November 5, 2019. It’s a deal that’s been looming large over the KC Metro the past several months, and the impact on Kansas City has yet to thoroughly discussed. Let’s take a look at the merger, how it’s affecting Sprint, its employees, and Kansas City. 

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Boeing 737 Max: Why Quality Control Matters

In March of this year, after 2 separate crashes killed a combined 346 people, the Boeing 737 Max was grounded. Details from the 2 incidents showed that they were both caused by the same issue…the MCAS, or maneuvering characteristics augmentation system malfunctioning. The MCAS is designed to keep the aircraft from stalling, by pushing the nose of the plane down.

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The Rule of 72

How Long Does it Take for your Money to Double? If I had a penny for every time someone asked me how long it would take their money to double, I’d have…well…a lot of pennies. It’s an age-old question that everyone with money to save or invest wants the answer to. In today’s low-interest rate environment however, there is no easy answer. The rule of 72 can help you understand how long it will take your fixed interest investments to double, but we’ll discuss why the rule of 72 goes out the window when it comes to stock market investing.

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How the Economy Affects the Marketplace

Episode 10 - Brad Kasper | President & CFO LSA Portfolio Analytics
When it comes to retiring, nothing matters more than building a portfolio that allows you to achieve your goals, and no one knows this better than Brad Kasper. He believes in using math to create solid strategies to meet goals, and as simple as that may sound, it’s less common in the financial services industry than it should be.

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Things to Know Before Building Your Portfolio

Episode 11 - Brad Kasper | President & CFO LSA Portfolio Analytics
There’s a lot that you need to understand before you set out building your portfolio for retirement. In the first part of my conversation with Brad Kasper, we had a big-picture discussion of what makes a portfolio successful, the dangers of emotional investing, and why math and data will always beat attempting to time the markets.




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