Retirement Plan Checklist

Financial Advisor Logan DeGraeve presents the Retirement Plan Checklist webinar. In this webinar, Logan will review some of the questions in the checklist as well as things you need to be thinking about in the years leading up to retirement.


Retirement Article

Planning for Uncertainty in Retirement

In the quest for financial clarity and confidence, there's no doubt that today's decisions and actions can create your future. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper discuss how those decisions and actions are critical when it comes to planning for uncertainty in retirement.

Retirement Article

5 Fun Fall Activities in Kansas City for You and Your Grandchildren

Fall is in full swing in the Kansas City area. Check out these five fun fall activities that you can enjoy with your grandchildren.

Retirement Article

Why the Debt Ceiling Is a Big Deal

September was the S&P 500's worst month since The Great Recession. What is happening with inflation and interest rates? What is going on with our debt ceiling? Dean Barber breaks all that down in the latest Monthly Economic Update.

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

What is a Registered Agent? with Kent Rockwell and Patrick Eyberg

Episode 51 | Kent Rockwell | Founder & Patrick Eyberg | Director of Partner Development atf Universal Registered Agents
In this episode, we discuss what exactly a registered agent is, why they’re so relevant to business owners, when you might need one, and how to find a great one to help keep your wheels turning.

Retirement Podcast

Addressing YOU: Answering Questions from Our Listeners

Episode 50 | Dean Barber & Chris Rett, CFP®
Here at the Guided Retirement Show™, we receive questions from YouTube viewers and podcast listeners from all over the world. We have a variety of specific questions, and we’re excited to answer as many of them as we can.




Dr. Alan Molk Presents “Saving Lives, Saving Dignity”

In this webinar, Dr. Alan Molk tells the story of why he wrote his book, Saving Lives, Saving Dignity. He presents his background as an emergency room physician of 40 years, and why he believes having advanced health care directives is imperative for you and your family.


Retiring at Market Highs

Dean Barber and Jason Newcomer look at the recent history of 60/40 portfolios and withdrawal rates by measuring inflation, bonds, and equities. They analyze every rolling 20-year period since 1972 to see how annually increasing withdrawal rates—while accounting for inflation—accommodated for a constant standard of living.


Making a Big Purchase in Retirement

In this webinar, Dean and Logan discuss making a big purchase in retirement. Retirement is supposed to be that time of your life where you're doing all the things you want to do. Sometimes we see people foregoing things that they can do because they don't have the clarity they need.