Retirement Plan Checklist

Dean Barber discusses some of the questions from our Retirement Plan Checklist report. 


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Could You Be Audited This Year?

There are certain pieces of mail that no one wants to see in their mailbox, and I’m not just talking about the normal electric bill. Notices of jury duty, legal matters, and one of the most dreaded pieces of certified mail? Notice of an IRS audit. Here’s the good news – the IRS audits less than 1% of all tax returns[1] and that number has actually dropped due to years of repeated budget cuts. Despite the fact that there are less IRS agents employed to conduct these audits, they still have to keep the dollars coming in.

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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the End of the Great Recession

I want to start by saying, “Happy anniversary!” This is the 10th anniversary of the official end to the Great Recession. Of course, we know now only because it's all in the rearview mirror that the stock market hit its all-time low March 9, 2009, after falling 56% from its peak in October of 2007.

Investments Article

GDP, Interest Rates, and Economic Contraction

Many people might think that spring is here in the markets. Well, I'm going to give you a reality check today on everything that's been going on in the markets.




Tax Clarity

Forward-looking tax planning can be a huge part of a successful retirement plan. Watch as Dean Barber reviews the basics of a forward-looking tax plan and the impact it can have on your retirement plan. 


Choosing a Financial Advisor Video

Choosing the right financial advisor for your is an important process. Here are some things to consider when you're making your decision.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an integral part of your overall retirement plan. Watch as Dean Barber discusses the importance of Estate Planning.