Retirement Plan Checklist

Financial Advisor Logan DeGraeve presents the Retirement Plan Checklist webinar. In this webinar, Logan will review some of the questions in the checklist as well as things you need to be thinking about in the years leading up to retirement.


Investments Article

Bear Markets and Mean Reversions

Shane Barber explores several methods of measuring how overvalued the markets became, how overvalued they remain, and how far they might fall if we are actually in the middle of a mean reversion event.

Retirement Article

Rising Interest Rates and Your Retirement

The Fed raised interest rates by the most in nearly three decades, a 0.75% rate hike, and is set to do it again in July. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper examine how rising interest rates can impact your retirement.

Retirement Article

Mortgage Applications Hit 22-Year Low

Shane Barber reflects on mortgage applications hitting a 22-year low and where the housing market could go from here.

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

Mail Bag: Answering More Questions from Listeners with Chris Rett

Episode 68 | Chris Rett, CFP® | Financial Advisor at Barber Financial Group
In this episode, Chris and I dig into a wide array of topics, including how to accurately estimate your income and taxes in retirement, how to determine which retirement vehicle is best suited to your needs, and a ton of other issues facing people in their pre-retirement and early retirement years.

Investments Podcast

Optimizing Your 401(k) for Retirement with Drew Jones

Episode 65 | Drew Jones | CFP®, AIF® and Financial Advisor at Barber Financial Group

In today’s episode, Drew walks me and I discuss what is normally a person's biggest asset in retirement, their 401(k).




Finding Financial Independence

Bud Kasper joins Dean Barber for the Barber Educational Series to discuss the journey toward reaching financial independence and what financial independence could mean for you.


The Guided Retirement System

Logan DeGraeve and Dean Barber discuss how the Guided Retirement System gets people to and through retirement.


IRA Planning for 2022

After reviewing 401(k) planning for 2022 in January, we’re slightly shifting gears here for this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event to discuss IRA planning for 2022. While a 401(k) is often people’s largest asset, IRAs are oftentimes their second largest asset. Chris Rett recently joined Dean Barber to break down IRA planning for people at various stages of their lives.