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Social Security Checklist

The Social Security Checklist is a guide to claiming your Social Security benefits and includes a short checklist to help you along the way.


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20 Things to Do Before You Retire in the 2020s

Well, here we are approaching the close of another decade. As many often do near the end of a milestone, we’re doing a countdown. However, this countdown isn’t looking back over the past decade, but rather forward toward the decade on the horizon. New decades often mean new goals, and for many, it’s likely the ultimate goal during our working years, retirement. 

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Social Security Changes for 2020

The Social Security Administration recently detailed changes to Social Security beneficiaries going into effect at the end of 2019. Starting December 31, 2019, beneficiaries will see an increase in their monthly benefit amounts by 1.6% compared to 2019. For reference, last year's benefits increased by 2.8%, the largest increase since 2011.

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Social Security Trust Fund in the News Again

You're probably aware that there are numerous issues surrounding the Social Security Trust Fund, and its ability to pay benefits into the future. Just this past April, the annual Social Security Trustees’ report pegs the trust fund to be depleted by 2035. There’s been a lot of talk about “fixes” for the system.




Maximize Your Social Security

Claiming Social Security can be complicated and if you don't look into your options before claiming you could be leaving potential Social Security income on the table.