Retirement Article

4 Ways Retirees Can Give Back

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Dean Barber and Bud Kasper have so many things that they’re thankful for. As they celebrate Thanksgiving, they want to talk about the giving part of Thanksgiving. Dean and Bud will highlight four ways that retirees can give back on this holiday edition of America's Wealth Management Show.

Estate Planning Article

Inherited IRA Rules and the SECURE Act

The rules of inherited IRAs are extremely difficult to understand due to the SECURE Act, yet they must be understood. Dean Barber and Bud Kasper review the inherited IRA rules and explain how they can affect different beneficiaries.

Investments Article

8 Retirement Challenges That You Didn’t Have While Working

Planning for a fulfilling retirement isn’t something that can be done in a blink of an eye. It takes time and a lot of preparation to overcome a lot of retirement challenges that many people don’t even think about. Bud Kasper and Logan DeGraeve review those retirement challenges and encourage you to start building your financial plan sooner rather than later.

The Guided Retirement Show

Taxes Podcast

Don’t Overpay Your Taxes: Giving Thanks for Tax Planning with Dean Barber

Episode 77 | Dean Barber | Founder & CEO of Barber Financial Group
With Thanksgiving upon us, Dean Barber is thankful for tax planning strategies that can help people to not overpay their taxes.

Estate Planning Podcast

Planning for RMDs with Will Doty

Episode 74 | Will Doty | CFP® Professional
Will Doty and Dean Barber explain RMDs, tax planning opportunities surrounding RMDs, how RMDs factor in when leaving money behind for the next generation, and so much more.




Year-End Tax Planning for 2022

Our Director of Tax and CPA, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber to talk about year-end tax planning strategies for 2022.


What Is Tax Diversification?

Tax Diversification may not sound like a very exciting topic, but if done correctly over your lifetime, you can pay substantially less in taxes. Our Director of Tax, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber on the Barber Educational Series to explain what tax diversification is and why it’s so important to achieve a successful retirement.


Retiring During a Recession

Uncertainty has been the theme of 2022. We’ve experienced some jaw-dropping market volatility and inflation, and after back-to-back quarters of negative GDP growth, we’re technically in a recession. All this uncertainty has only enhanced our firm’s commitment to help people continuing living their one best financial life. In this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event, Drew Jones joins Dean Barber to discuss what it’s like to retire during a recession.