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Charitable Giving in Retirement

As the end of the year approaches, many individuals make charitable donations to the charitable organizations they care about. Most charitable giving is for reasons other than the tax benefit. However, tax benefits are an important consideration that can help offset the cost of the donation.

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2019 Year-End Tax Planning for Retirees

Year-end tax planning is the perfect opportunity to review your tax situation for the year. This task allows you to identify opportunities that may be available to you to lower taxes over your lifetime. Many people take the short-term perspective, thinking they want to pay the least amount of tax possible this year. They fail to consider the long-term perspective of taxes. This short-term perspective may cause them to pay more taxes over their lifetime. There are steps that you should take now to ensure you do not miss out on any year-end tax planning opportunities

Taxes Article

Tax Planning Case Study

In this tax planning case study, there are two married couples—Sam and Samantha and Paul and Polly. Sam and Samantha would like to spend $120,000 net of taxes this year and do not have a tax plan. Instead, every year they stress out until they meet with their CPA to find out if and how much they owe the IRS when they file their yearly tax return.

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IRA vs. Roth IRA – How to Make Both Work for You

Episode 1 - JoAnn Huber, CPA, CFP®
For many people, the 401(k) is their largest asset. However, there are several different types of 401(k) plans, each of which follows a different series of rules and regulations. Choosing the wrong type of 401(k) can have significant consequences in retirement - and can drastically affect your quality of life for years to come.

Retirement Podcast

IRA vs. Roth IRA Pt. 2 with JoAnn Huber

Episode 2 - JoAnn Huber, CPA, CFP®
In the last episode, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CPA JoAnn Huber and I kicked off the podcast with a discussion about the differences between the IRA and the Roth IRA.However, we barely scratched the surface, and if you’re feeling confused after listening to Part 1 of our conversation, that’s okay.




Does Having a Tax Plan Make a Difference?

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Stan and Mike. Both were married and because they come from an entrepreneurial family, both owned their own plumbing businesses. As they both approached retirement, Stan and Karen decided to use the plan of “hope”. They hoped they had enough money and hoped their yearly tax bill wouldn’t be too high. You see, Stan and Karen didn’t have a tax plan.


Tax Clarity

Forward-looking tax planning can be a huge part of a successful retirement plan. Watch as Dean Barber reviews the basics of a forward-looking tax plan and the impact it can have on your retirement plan. 


10 Ways to Avoid Common Tax Filing Errors

Filing your taxes can cause many headaches, just be sure to avoid mistakes. Here are 10 Ways to Avoid Common Tax Filing Errors.