Components of a Quality Financial Plan

By Barber Financial Group

December 10, 2018

We’ve sent a copy of Components of a Quality Financial Plan to the email address provided. You can also click below to download a copy.

Consider the retirement calculator found on the website of a large financial institution. It asks only six simple questions and provides a unique “number” — or total amount you will need at retirement.  However, the disclaimer reads that “this information does not serve, either directly or indirectly as legal, financial or tax advice and you should always consult a qualified professional legal, financial, and/or tax advisor when making decisions…”. In fact, after you are shown “your number”, it states that the next step is to share it with your financial professional to start planning. So why are so many investors substituting the calculator for a financial plan?

The six questions that it asks are only a fraction of the total number of variables that should be considered in a quality financial plan. Download Components of a Quality Financial Plan to learn more.

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