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Investments Article

When a Housing Market Shortage Becomes a Surplus

Shane Barber discusses what is going on in the housing market and how a housing shortage could become a housing surplus.

Investments Article

Inflation Rates and the Fed

Following a 50 basis point hike of the Fed funds rate last week, Dean Barber and Bud Kasper discuss the Federal Reserve's challenge of combating high inflation rates and the necessary factors to achieve a soft landing.

Investments Article

A Historic Half-Point Hike of the Fed Funds Rate

FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell announced on a 50 basis point increase of the Fed funds rate on Wednesday in hopes of slowing down rampant inflation. The half-point hike was the biggest hike from the FOMC since May 2000.

The Guided Retirement Show

Investments Podcast

Optimizing Your 401(k) for Retirement with Drew Jones

Episode 65 | Drew Jones | CFP®, AIF® and Financial Advisor at Barber Financial Group

In today’s episode, Drew walks me and I discuss what is normally a person's biggest asset in retirement, their 401(k).

Investments Podcast

Accessing Liquidity in REITs and Private Real Estate Markets with Brian King

Episode 64 | Brian King - CEO | Realto

To help us improve our understanding of these investments, I’m thrilled to welcome Brian King. Brian is the CEO of Realto, a marketplace for non-traded securities that would otherwise be illiquid. Institutional and even retail buyers can use platforms like Realto to buy positions in REITs.




How Bonds Fit into a Financial Plan

One of the most common questions that our advisors here from clients and prospective clients is, “Why should I own bonds?” Considering how rising interest rates and inflation have been wreaking havoc on bonds, it’s a fair question to ask. Still, no matter the economic condition or how interest rates are doing, bonds can still make sense in your portfolio. Dean Barber and Chris Rett explain why in this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event.


The Guided Retirement System

Logan DeGraeve and Dean Barber discuss how the Guided Retirement System gets people to and through retirement.


IRA Planning for 2022

After reviewing 401(k) planning for 2022 in January, we’re slightly shifting gears here for this Barber Financial Group Educational Series event to discuss IRA planning for 2022. While a 401(k) is often people’s largest asset, IRAs are oftentimes their second largest asset. Chris Rett recently joined Dean Barber to break down IRA planning for people at various stages of their lives.