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Retirement Planning and Mountain Biking

Yes, you did read the title correctly. I'm sure you probably have a lot of questions like, why are we talking about mountain biking and retirement planning in the same sentence? Or why are we talking about mountain biking at all?

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CARES Act Retirement Account Distributions

Before the pandemic, people weren't allowed to withdraw money from their IRAs for purposes not related to their retirement. However, the CARES Act includes special provisions permitting coronavirus-related distributions and loans from retirement accounts.

Investments Article

Rebalancing Your Portfolio in a Falling Market

There is an almond-shaped part of our brains called the amygdala. This part of our brain processes environmental stimuli and helps identify things we would perceive as threatening, initiating our “fight-or-flight” response. This response is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

The Guided Retirement Show

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Managing Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

Episode 24 - Bud Kasper, CFP®, AIF® | President Barber Financial Group Lee's Summit

Returning to the podcast today for this special episode is Bud Kasper, President of Barber Financial Group Lee’s Summit office. Bud has over 37 years in this industry, has seen all kinds of bear markets, and all kinds of recessions. He has helped countless clients make the most of what can be a painful, difficult time.

Investments Podcast

How to Invest in Real Estate for Retirement

Episode 23 - Dr. Randy Anderson | President Griffin Capital Asset Management Company, LLC

Joining me today is Dr. Randy Anderson. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and has focused his career on real estate investing. Together, we discuss the nuances and challenges of the real estate industry, the opportunities investors have to purchase high-quality real estate right now, and how to avoid complicating your taxes as you do it.




The SECURE Act & Your Retirement: An Expert Roundtable

Here's the truth: The SECURE Act has changed everything. You basically have three choices on where you can send your money when you pass on. It can be to a charity, the ones you love, or to the government. And the SECURE Act has basically ensured that if you do nothing, the third option will be your choice.


The High Costs of Not Planning for Retirement

Around 10,000 people retire every day. That equals approximately 3.6 million retirees per year. The current average retirement age is 63, and the average retirement lasts about 18 years. By the way, future retirees believe the age of 61 is the ideal age to retire.


Does Having a Tax Plan Make a Difference?

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Stan and Mike. Both were married and because they come from an entrepreneurial family, both owned their own plumbing businesses. As they both approached retirement, Stan and Karen decided to use the plan of “hope”. They hoped they had enough money and hoped their yearly tax bill wouldn’t be too high. You see, Stan and Karen didn’t have a tax plan.