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Retirement Article

Can Retirees Survive the Next Bear Market?

Can today's retirees survive our next bear market? On June 1, 2020, I wrote an article titled The Serious Consequences of The Sequence of Returns in Retirement. In this article, we are examining how long a retiree's money may last in retirement when factoring in both distributions and stock market volatility.

Taxes Article

The Best Part of the Tax Code: The Roth IRA

What is the best part of the tax code? I say it's the Roth IRA. And guess what Peter Thiel would agree, he has a $5 billion Roth IRA. Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper as they break down the Roth IRA and the importance of tax diversification, asset location, and how you can get as much money as possible into a tax-free environment.

Investments Article

Asset Location & Peter Thiel’s $5 Billion Roth IRA

A story has been making the rounds over the past few weeks profiling entrepreneur Peter Thiel. You may have seen he is the owner of a Roth IRA worth approximately $5 Billion. Yes, that's Billion, with a capital "B."

The Guided Retirement Show

Investments Podcast

Identifying Real Estate Opportunities with Don Wenner

Episode 46 - Don Wenner | Founder & CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital
In this conversation, Don and I talk about the pivotal moments that made him into the businessman he is today, the powerful tools he’s created to make expansion consistent and reliable for over a decade, and how to use them to scale any great business smartly and sustainably for years to come.

Taxes Podcast

Creating a Tax-Free Retirement with Ed Slott

Episode 45 - Ed Slott, CPA | America's IRA Expert at Ed Slott and Company, LLC. & Author of The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb
In this episode, Ed and I talk about why your IRA or 401(k) might be turning into a ticking time bomb of unpaid debt, how to stop your Social Security check from going entirely toward paying tax in retirement, how we may see the tax code change during President Biden’s time in office, and how to rethink your assets so you can safely take money out of your accounts and grow tax-free.




Roth Conversions Before & After Retirement

In this webinar, Dean and JoAnn discuss the best part of the tax code that was ever created, the Roth IRA. Specifically diving into Roth conversions both before and after retirement.


Planning a Large Family Vacation

In this webinar, Dean Barber and Will Doty, CFP®, AIF®, discuss how many people's number one desire in retirement is to spend time with their loved ones. So, why not plan a large family vacation into your retirement plan? Join Dean and Will as they break down how they were able to do just that for their clients.


10 Financial Planning Steps

In this webinar, Will Doty, CFP®, discusses reviews 10 Financial Planning Steps that are a basic overview of financial planning. These action items will benefit those early on in their career, approaching retirement, and anyone in between. Join us to ensure your taking the right steps in your financial journey.