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Retirement Article

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation

We have the threat of inflation. We have stock markets with record levels as far as price-to-earnings ratios go. And we have a rising interest rate environment. So, where does all that bring us? Please join me with this episode of our monthly economic update.

Insurance Article

Top 10 Risks in Retirement

When you ask the question, "What's your biggest fear in retirement?" Most people will say it's the fear of running out of money. Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper, as they talk about the top 10 risks in retirement and what you can do to mitigate those risks.

Insurance Article

Reviewing Your Property and Casualty Insurance

If you are anything like me, the idea of reviewing your property and casualty insurance ranks right up there with things like a visit to the dentist or prepping for a colonoscopy. It just isn't something we tend to look forward to, so we put it off, even though we know we should do it. 

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

The Power of Building Great Relationships with Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Episode 40 | Dr. Charlie Cartwright - CEO of People Success Labs & Keynote Speaker
In this conversation, Dr. Charlie and I talk about the scientific method he uses to help people grow, the importance of community and meaningful relationships in everything we do, and the lessons he learned from 30 years working for major companies, including FedEx and UPS.

Investments Podcast

How to Build Better, More Predictable Portfolios

Episode 41 | Brad Kasper - President & CFO of LSA Portfolio Analytics
Today’s guest is Brad Kasper. He’s the president of LSA Portfolio Analytics, where he provides investment advisors with the tools and infrastructure they need to deliver incredible client services. In our conversation, Brad and I are talking about intelligent risk and fat tail analysis, how to use these tools to construct better portfolios, and what makes this approach different from modern portfolio theory.




Health Care Costs in Retirement

In this webinar, Jason Newcomer, CFP®, EA, discusses planning for health care costs in retirement. During this on-demand webinar, Jason covers Medicare, coverage between retirement and Medicare age, planning for increasing costs, and more. This webinar is designed to give you a better understanding of how health care costs can impact your retirement plan.


Claiming Your Social Security

In this webinar, Will Doty, CFP®, discusses the importance of properly claiming your Social Security. During this on-demand webinar, Will covers the differences in claiming strategies, spousal situations, the impact of Social Security on taxes, and more. This webinar is designed to give you a better understanding of how Social Security fits into your overall financial plan.


Tax Reduction Strategies

In this webinar, Dean Barber and JoAnn Huber, CPA, CFP®, and Partner at Barber Financial Group, discuss tax reduction strategies and forward-looking tax planning. During this on-demand webinar, Dean and JoAnn cover the differences in Traditional and Roth accounts, charitable donations, the SECURE Act, Roth Conversions, and more tax reduction strategies. This webinar is designed to give you a better understanding of how taxes are different in retirement and how you might avoid some common pitfalls.