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Retirement Article

Retirement Age: Risks You Can’t Control

We regularly talk about controlling risk where you can. However, today I want to address some issues with retirement age and risks that you can't control. There are lots of risks that you can't control, not just in retirement, but in life. The only thing we can do about those risks is to ask the question "what-if?" Then make a plan to address that potential outcome. The risk is still there, but if you've made a contingency plan for its possible occurrence. By doing so you've mitigated its effect on you and/or your family.

Retirement Article

SECURE Act Changes Retirement Planning

In 2019, there was a lot of buzz about the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement or the SECURE Act. Early on, this bill had bipartisan support, unusual in today's political climate. The SECURE Act passed both chambers of Congress, and on December 20, 2019, was signed into law by President Trump. This single piece of legislation will have significant impacts on retirees and their beneficiaries. So, let's dive deeper and discuss how the SECURE Act changes retirement planning.

Retirement Article

Politically Motivated News

A quick google search for politically motivated news will yield you roughly 40,300,000 results in (on my computer) 0.51 seconds. First of all, it’s nothing short of a modern miracle that 40 million results are available in half a second. That’s staggering. More importantly, it’s incredible there are 40 million pieces on politically motivated news floating around on the web. 

The Guided Retirement Show

Retirement Podcast

What Retirees Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Episode 16 - Wayne Robinson | Financial Planner Barber Financial Group

Today, Wayne joins the podcast to talk about the many different ways retirees can fall victim to cyberattacks, why the criminals responsible for them are all but impossible to catch, and the simple steps you can take right now to reduce your risk factors by as much as 85%.

Investments Podcast

How to Assess Risk in Your Portfolio

Episode 15 - Brad Kasper | President & CFO LSA Portfolio Analytics

Today, Brad is here to dive deep into the nature of risk and what it really means. You’ll learn how to quantify risk, how to measure it, and what it really means as you build a portfolio that will help you live the retirement you’ve always wanted.




Does Having a Tax Plan Make a Difference?

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Stan and Mike. Both were married and because they come from an entrepreneurial family, both owned their own plumbing businesses. As they both approached retirement, Stan and Karen decided to use the plan of “hope”. They hoped they had enough money and hoped their yearly tax bill wouldn’t be too high. You see, Stan and Karen didn’t have a tax plan.


Retirement Plan Checklist

In this video, Dean Barber discusses some of the questions from our Retirement Plan Checklist report. The Retirement Plan Checklist is designed to allow you to see all the things that you need to be thinking of, and doing, as you lead up to and through retirement. It’s a checklist for your retirement journey.


Tax Clarity

Forward-looking tax planning can be a huge part of a successful retirement plan. Watch as Dean Barber reviews the basics of a forward-looking tax plan and the impact it can have on your retirement plan.