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Investments Article

Interest Rate Increases Continue in 2023

While all major indices were up in January, the U.S. treasuries yield curve is inverted more than it was at any point of 2022 and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is continuing interest rate increases in 2023. We'll cover all that and more in our January Monthly Economic Update.

Retirement Article

Are Retirement Benefits Taxable?

Are retirement benefits taxable? The quick answer is, probably, but not always. It depends on your unique situation. While you can control your taxes in retirement better than at any other point of your life, that doesn’t mean that it’s not complex. Because it is very complex. We’re going to look at several retirement benefits and assess if and how they’re taxable.

Retirement Article

What Is Financial Planning?

What is financial planning? We’ll look at the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards’ definition of financial planning and the four main components of financial planning—risk management, taxes, estate planning, and investment management—to help answer that question.

The Guided Retirement Show

Estate Planning Podcast

Family Financial Planning with Matt Kasper

Episode 81 | Matt Kasper | Barber Financial Group CFP® Professional
Leaving a legacy is very important to a lot of people. Dean Barber and Matt Kasper discuss how to go about family financial planning.

Retirement Podcast

Tax Planning During Tax Preparation Season with Corey Hulstein

Episode 80 | Corey Hulstein | Barber Financial Group Director of Tax
Our Director of Tax, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to discuss tax planning during tax preparation season.




Financial Planning Tips for 2023

For our second Barber Financial Group Educational Series event of the year, Logan DeGraeve shares some financial planning tips for 2023.


Inflation Expectations for 2023

What is going on with the economy? From inflation expectations for 2023, how high interest rates could go, and the uncertainty within the stock and bond markets, there are so many pertinent questions right now and not many clear answers. David Mitchell of AllianceBernstein joins Dean Barber on the Barber Financial Group Educational Series to review some of those questions and what they could mean for you.


Year-End Tax Planning for 2022

Our Director of Tax and CPA, Corey Hulstein, joins Dean Barber to talk about year-end tax planning strategies for 2022.