Claiming Your Social Security Webinar

November 10, 2020

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Social Security is a very complex system so regardless if you are planning for your retirement or are already retired, it’s natural to have questions.

And you should be asking those questions.

If the SSA can’t provide advice, then where can you go to ask the simple questions and then receive simple answers? That’s where our Claiming Your Social Security workshop can help.

At our Claiming Your Social Security workshop, we will discuss your Social Security benefits, how they are calculated, spousal benefits (divorced, single or married), and different claiming strategies. We then will open the class up for a Q&A session where we will be able to answer some of your biggest questions surrounding Social Security.

Choosing when and how to take your social security can be a decision that’s hard to get right. It doesn’t matter if you have some money saved or if you have millions saved. Social Security is and always will be your money. You put money into the system with every paycheck, and your employer made a dollar for dollar match. This is your money.

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