Tax Reduction Strategies

August 4, 2020

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Practicing Social Distancing

We understand that during this uncertain time not everyone will be able to attend this event in our Lenexa office. This is why we are offering it at the same time via webinar. If you would like to attend via webinar just let us know on the form by selecting, “Yes, I’ll Attend Via Webinar”. You will receive confirmation in the coming business days of your reservation. If you plan on attending in-office please select, “No, I’ll Attend In-Office”. There will be masks and sanitation products available if you need them.

As a side note, this event will max out at 20 in-office attendees to ensure safe distances. Also, as a precaution, we will not be providing a light meal or snacks during this workshop. Thank you for your understanding.

Nothing will separate you from your retirement money faster than taxes. Tax strategies to protect your retirement. 

The good news? Controlling your taxes in retirement is easier than any other time of your life! It comes from having a forward-looking tax plan which is very different from just filing your taxes on a yearly basis. Our Tax Reduction Strategies workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of how taxes are different in retirement and how you could avoid some very common pitfalls. Come learn from BFG Tax Service on how proper tax planning could change your retirement future and hear people just like you ask our experts questions surrounding tax planning in retirement.

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