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Integrated Wealth Management Services

Our financial advisors in Kansas City, CPAs, estate attorneys, and insurance specialists all work together under one roof to help ensure your retirement goals are achieved.

Most financial advisors in Kansas City focus solely on growing your portfolio. Barber Financial Group provides integrated wealth management services that include maximizing your Social Security, minimizing taxes on all your retirement accounts, proper insurance coverage, and estate planning working hand-in-hand with your investment strategies.

Five Professionals Under One Roof

At Barber Financial Group, our integrated wealth management services work together as a team for you and your retirement.

Along with your team of Financial Advisors in Kansas City, your tour guides on the road to retirement will include our firm’s CPAs, Insurance Professionals, and Estate Attorneys all working together as a unified team to help get you to the ultimate goal – the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Our Mission

Who We Work With

Other retirement firms work with anyone who walks through their doors. Barber Financial Group focuses on those people who are 10 years from retirement or already retired. We work with those who need a strategy to withdraw income from their retirement accounts in the most tax-efficient way possible. Barber Financial Group also works with hard-working individuals who are concerned about their financial future while pursuing their goal of financial freedom.

Our History

Our Inspiration

Barber Financial Group was founded in 1996 by our CEO, Dean Barber. After watching his grandfather worry about running out of money during retirement, Dean focused his attention on creating a wealth management firm where retirees and pre-retirees could receive financial planning that encompassed more than just their investments.

A Team of Fiduciaries

Your interests are ahead of our own

As fiduciaries, our number one responsibility is to put your interests ahead of our own, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re proud of the work our advisors have poured into themselves and the designations they have received to better serve you.


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