Financial Biases

Do You Make Emotional Decisions about Money?

Making decisions on how to spend money can be difficult and if you are married, it may be even harder. Even the most financial savvy of individuals can be affected by their emotional biases – we are all human after all. The supposed rational money decisions you make every day based on your own feelings may actually not always be in your best interests, or your spouses. Have you ever thought about how you think about money. What about your spouse? Could the way you view money be causing issues that you aren’t even aware of? There are 3 distinct money categories that people typically fall into:


This individual is on a quest for peace and security, but rarely ever feels secure or satisfied.

This individual is driven by a desire or need to take care of other people of causes they love.

This individual can say, “If I passed away tomorrow, I know I have lived life to the fullest.”


So the big question is, which financial bias category do you fall into? What about your spouse? Could having the same (or different) biases as your spouse have negative implications on your relationship and life?

Click below to discover how you (and your spouse) feel about money!

Discover Financial Biases

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