How Do I Pay Less Taxes?

How Do I Pay Less Taxes?

Everyone in America who pays taxes feels like they have paid their fair share, and in some cases, far more than their fair share. This causes people to be very shortsighted when it comes to reducing your tax bill.

Most CPAs are tasked with the difficult duty of trying to find ways to save you money, on your current tax returns. The problem is, it’s too late! At this point, all of your taxable income and investment assets have made their money, and it’s almost impossible for the CPA to affect the amount of taxes needing to be paid.

In order to truly reduce taxes, your CPA needs to be projecting into the future, several years down the road. They need to understand every single part of your financial life and not only what assets you have but what purchases you want to make in retirement.

A good CPA working hand-in-hand with a good financial planner can help you make sure that not only are you putting money into the right accounts while you’re working, but you also created the proper distribution strategy so that you pay fewer taxes throughout your retirement years. There is no one strategy that is right for everyone and there are no two cases that are exactly the same. You will have different amounts of money, different amounts of income, and different spending goals for the future.

Additionally, what most taxpayers don’t realize is most CPAs will just simply do tax compliance. Tax compliance is defined as making tax payments and producing and submitting information to the tax authorities on time and in the required formats. In another words, they would prepare it with only compliance and IRS guidelines in mind, and with no thought of future tax reduction strategies. Make sure you don’t get shortsighted and only focus on today, but instead, look to the future and understand that taxes will always be a fact of life. If you understand this and plan for it, you will pay what you legally owe but not one dollar more.

It is imperative that your forward-looking tax plan be kept up-to-date through ongoing conversations between your financial advisor and your CPA. It is also important that you give total transparency to these professionals so that they can do their job to the best of their ability. Done properly, proactive forward-looking tax planning can have an enormous impact on the amount of taxes you pay over your lifetime.

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