401(k) in Retirement: Managing Your Biggest Asset

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401(k) in Retirement: Managing Your Biggest Asset

401(k) in Retirement: Managing Your Biggest Asset

According to Fidelity, retirees lost an average of 23% in their 401(k) savings in 2022. That’s devastating. But that begs the question, why do retirees still have money in 401(k) accounts? Bud Kasper and Logan DeGraeve are going to discuss how to protect assets like your 401k in retirement, especially during difficult times in the market.

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Since 2003, Barber Financial Group Founder and CEO Dean Barber has co-hosted America’s Wealth Management Show with Bud Kasper, who is the president of the firm’s Lee’s Summit office. Their radio show has informed and educated retirees and those nearing retirement on what life is like after your working career ends.