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Planning for the Next President

This Week’s Episode

Planning for the Next President

We’re planning for the next President of the United States. Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper as they take a deep dive into what might happen if Joe Biden wins or if Trump is re-elected. Check out the episode transcript and articles and resources mentioned in the show by clicking below.

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7 Most Overlooked Budget Items in Retirement

Your budget in retirement is perhaps the most important part of building your retirement plan. Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper as they discuss the 7 Most Overlooked Budget Items in Retirement.

7 Most Overlooked Budget Items in Retirement

Recent Episode

Is it Time to Rebalance? What About Valuations?

About a month ago we wrote an article asking the question, “Is the Stock Market Overvalued?” Well, today that question is even more important after the best August since 1986. Join Dean Barber and Bud Kasper as they discuss what’s happening in the markets and whether you should be concerned about current valuations.

Make sure to check out the links mentioned in this episode:

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Since 2003, our nationally syndicated radio program America’s Wealth Management Show has been informing and educating retirees and those nearing retirement on what life is like after your working career ends.

Dean Barber, CEO of Barber Financial Group and Bud Kasper, President of Barber Financial Group–Lee’s Summit focuses on the second half of your investment lifetime by discussing the topics of asset management, tax reduction strategies, estate planning and investing which, in the past, was reserved for only the very wealthy.




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In season three we have some very special guests like America’s IRA expert Ed Slott, Kansas City Royals broadcaster and keynote speaker, Joel Goldberg, Goldman Sachs Managing Director and Head of Personal Financial Management, Joe Duran, and more! Dean talks with his guests about what it means to be successful, running a small business, the importance of local charities, options strategies, and all sorts of impactful discussions that will get you contemplating your plans for retirement. You’ll learn some things about lifestyle, perspective, finances, and most importantly, how to achieve your goals for retirement.

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