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Five Professionals Under One Roof

At Barber Financial, our integrated wealth management services are working together for you.

Normally, one would hire 5 different companies: 1. Financial Planner 2. Accountant 3. Insurance Agent 4. Estate Attorney 5. Social Security Consultant.

At Barber Financial Group, you can replace five relationships with 1.
Our integrated team of professionals saves you time, energy, and hassle by working together to meet your biggest and most important financial challenges. No need to manage 5 different relationships. We’ve got you covered.

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Balancing hard facts with your ideal lifestyle.

Why is Barber Financial Group different?

Barber Financial Group isn’t just an investment firm. Sure, if all that you want for us to handle is your portfolio, no problem. However, if you can get your investment portfolio, a forward-looking tax planning strategy, proper risk management (insurance), Social Security recommendations, and an estate plan with an entire team of specialists working together under one roof, then only one question remains. Why would you go anywhere else?

Planning for retirement shouldn’t be frightening.

At Barber Financial Group, our advisors will find a way to build a personalized plan to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Maybe you want to travel while you still have your health, but you’re not sure if you can afford it. Perhaps you want to spend time with your grandchildren or be able to contribute to a charity of your choice, but you’re not sure if your plan allows for that. As much as you may not want to admit it, you may not know if your spouse would be on board with that as well. Our advisors are trained to get to the heart of the issues so that regardless if you are single or married, everyone will leave with a clear plan in place to get you to your retirement destination.

Frequently asked questions.

When can I retire?

Retirement can be summed up in two words. Financial independence. This is the point in your life that you know that you have saved enough money to have the ability to care of yourself for as long as you live. The calculation to determine whether you have enough money for retirement is a very complex calculation. There are many factors to consider prior to making the decision to retire. You must consider the amount of money you have saved, the amount of income you will need, and all sources that can drive income in the future. You also have to take into consideration the impact of taxes during retirement. Speaking with an experienced financial advisor can help you answer these important questions.

Should I pay off my mortgage before I retire?

Many people believe that being debt-free is the only way to go, and when interest rates are high, this is probably a correct approach. However, when interest rates are near historic lows, a person may want to continue to carry that debt if they believe that the long-term performance on their underlying investments could outperform the rate of interest on their mortgage. This is not a simple yes or no question, and there is not a simple formula to determine whether you should pay your mortgage off or not. The answer to this question should come through a thorough analysis and the completion of a comprehensive financial plan.

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