BFG Insurance Service

Far too often, clients are just “sold” insurance.

The result?

Thousands of dollars are wasted on outdated policies or policies that don’t do what they were intended to do. At Barber Financial Group we make sure all insurance recommendations are made in the context of your financial plan. Our insurance professionals are trained in the complexities of risk management and legacy planning.

Insurance in retirement should be thought of as a risk management tool, and as something that protects you, your estate and the people you love. Life insurance and long-term care insurance are two very personal and critical considerations of your overall retirement plan.

It’s imperative that these policies be coordinated with both your financial advisor and a qualified insurance professional and that is what you will receive at Barber Financial Group. You will never feel pressured to buy a product; but we think after listening to our recommendations you will be excited about the role insurance can play in helping you reach your financial goals.


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