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Investing for Retirement

History has shown that mixing those three types of investments in your portfolio can increase your risk-adjusted returns.

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US Stocks: Investing for Retirement

Today we’ll be looking at what is arguably the most discussed part of your investment portfolio, US stocks. If you missed the last two installments of our Investing for Retirement series be sure to check them out. They were on bonds and international stocks. Turn on CNBC (no financial planner has never said this phrase before, probably), and you’ll be updated every minute of the day as to how this asset class is performing in bright, bold numbers. If you get online, watch TV, or listen to the radio throughout the day...

Retirement Article

Bonds: Investing for Retirement

Often, when discussing portfolio allocations with clients, we will get asked a question or two that goes something like this, "The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. Why would I want to own bonds?" or "Yields on bonds are pretty low, shouldn't I just own dividend-paying stocks instead?" or "Bonds aren't making any money, look how much they lagged behind stocks. Tell me again; why do I want to own those?"

The Guided Retirement Show

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Older Americans Month with Dean Barber

Episode 88 | Dean Barber | Managing Director
Dean Barber shares how his late grandfather and our loyal Modern Wealth Management clients give him several reasons to celebrate Older Americans Month.

Retirement Podcast

Components of a Complete Financial Plan with Logan DeGraeve

Episode 89 | Logan DeGraeve | Executive Advisor
Logan DeGraeve joins Dean Barber on The Guided Retirement Show to review the components of a complete financial plan. These discuss several critical things to think about before and during retirement.