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Retirement Article

Investing for Retirement

History has shown that mixing those three types of investments in your portfolio can increase your risk-adjusted returns.

Investments Article

US Stocks: Investing for Retirement

Today we’ll be looking at what is arguably the most discussed part of your investment portfolio, US stocks. If you missed the last two installments of our Investing for Retirement series be sure to check them out. They were on bonds and international stocks. Turn on CNBC (no financial planner has never said this phrase before, probably), and you’ll be updated every minute of the day as to how this asset class is performing in bright, bold numbers. If you get online, watch TV, or listen to the radio throughout the day...

Retirement Article

International Stocks: Investing for Retirement

In our last post, we looked at how bonds can fit into a diversified portfolio. Today, we are looking overseas, and why you might want to own international stocks to be truly diversified. When you look at the stock (equities) portion of your portfolio, you have an important decision to make.

The Guided Retirement Show

Investments Podcast

Investing in Private Equity with Michael Bell

Episode 58 - Michael Bell | Founder & Managing Director at Primark Capital

Today, Michael joins the podcast to discuss what private equity is, why it matters, and how you, the individual investor, can participate in private equity just like large foundations have done in the past.

Retirement Podcast

Understanding Sequence of Returns Risk with Bud Kasper

Episode 57 - Bud Kasper | CFP®, AIF® | President of Barber Financial Group Lee's Summit

To make sense of how sequence of returns risk plays out over the course of retirement, I’m talking to Bud Kasper. In this conversation, we discuss his writing on this topic, what the sequence of returns risk is, and how it can affect not just your ability to retire, but your ability to get through retirement.