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Investments Article

10-Year Treasury and Market Volatility

One thing is for certain; May was an exciting month overall - we have some updates on the 10-year Treasury, tons of news, lots of talk about the trade war with China, lots of talk about this new trade tariff deal that Trump is threatening on Mexico, and the markets are in a turmoil for May.

Investments Article

Interest Rates and the Yield Curve

Hi, I'm Dean Barber,  Founder, and CEO of Barber Financial Group. It's May 1st. Welcome to the economic update. Today we're reviewing a little bit about what the markets have done so far this year, where they're at today, and what's changed since the 4th quarter of 2018. We're going to discuss interest rates and the yield curve to give you an idea we are today. We'll talk about what we're thinking about the markets and what we're thinking about the economy. As well as what some of the indicators out there are telling us today.

Investments Article

The Yield Curve Inverted, What You Need to Know

You've probably heard the yield curve inverted, and we will cover that. But what I am going to review with you is critical so you understand what's happening in the world of money. Not just in the world of the stock market. We're going to spend some time looking at the history of the bond...

The Guided Retirement Show

Taxes Podcast

Don’t Overpay Your Taxes: Giving Thanks for Tax Planning with Dean Barber

Episode 77 | Dean Barber | Founder & CEO of Barber Financial Group
With Thanksgiving upon us, Dean Barber is thankful for tax planning strategies that can help people to not overpay their taxes.

Retirement Podcast

Mortgage Tips for Different Phases in Life with Tim Kay

Episode 76 | Tim Kay | Branch Manager at Guild Mortgage
Tim Kay and Dean Barber discuss some key mortgage tips to think about when financial planning for people of different ages.